Certain Days: 2014 Political Prisoner Calendars are Ready to Order

The calendar is a joint fundraising and educational project between outside organizers in Montreal and Toronto, and three political prisoners being held in maximum-security prisons in New York State: David Gilbert, Robert Seth Hayes and Herman Bell. The initial project was suggested by Herman, and has been shaped throughout the process by all of their ideas, discussions, and analysis. All of the members of the outside collective are involved in day-to-day organizing work other than the calendar, on issues ranging from refugee and immigrant solidarity to community media to prisoner justice. They work from an anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, feminist, queer and trans positive position.

Preview and order them here.



Long-term political prisoner John Bowden’s Recent Parole Hearing (UK)

Read his statement here.

Background info on John from Brighton ABC:

John Bowden has been in prison more than thirty years for the drunken killing of someone who pulled a knife on him at a party. While John’s two co-defendants were released more than twenty years ago, John remains in a high security prison despite the Parole Board’s recommendations that he be prepared for release. John has been at the forefront of the prison struggle throughout most of his time inside, he quickly developed a political consciousness and a deep understanding of the role of prison in society, as well as a tactical understanding of the power relations between the captured and their captors.

Also, throughout his time inside, John has been punished for his role as a prison militant and organizer, and for exposing the barbarity and inhumanity of prison through his writing. The system and the vengeful screws that are its foot-soldiers have constantly tried to break John, viciously brutalising him and subjecting him to the most inhumane conditions. Even today, they are prepared to flagrantly ignore the recommendations of the Parole Board that he be moved to open conditions and prepared for release. John is constantly having to put up with provocations and dirty tricks from his captors, while they do everything they can to prolong his incarceration

Banner Drop In Solidarity With Striking Prisoners in Kingston, ON

Statement from the unnamed group:

In October, prisoners in a number of federal penitentiaries began refusing work to protest a 30% reduction in pay and the elimination of incentive pay for prisoners who work in CORCAN factories. A few weeks ago, strikers declared a temporary return to work with a promise to resume the strike on November 20th if their demands were not met.

This morning, as a small expression of solidarity with the strikers, we dropped this banner over the highway exit nearest the CORCAN headquarters/factory in the West End of Kingston: http://bayimg.com/hAcOoaAfj ; It reads, Prison Wages Are Sweatshop Wages – Support Prisoners On Strike

We want to fight for the end of both prisons and wage labour, but in the meantime we also stand in solidarity with prisoners fighting back against forces, governments and institutions that seek to keep them behind bars for longer in ever-worsening conditions.



Varshavsky Warehouse Squat Case: St Petersburg ABC statement on criminal charges against Denis Levkin

Denis Levkin has been imprisoned since February 2013. He was detained when the police stormed the squatted warehouse near the former Varshavsky Station in St Petersburg, Russia, and charged under article 318 part 2 of the Russian Criminal Code (use of violence dangerous for health or life against an officer). St Petersburg anarchists have taken an active part in occupation and defence of the warehouse, and the St Petersburg Anarchist Black Cross cannot ignore the trial in Levkin’s case, which is now under way.

On February 4, 2013, activists with city preservationist groups have issued an open call for St Petersburg residents to come to the historical warehouse to protect it from being razed. One of those who responded to the call was Levkin, a 19-year-old scenester. We are not aware of his participation in any anarchist actions before. During the storming of the warehouse later the same month, two police officers were injured, and naturally they wanted to find a culprit. It is not clear why they chose Levkin. According to the eyewitnesses, he did not commit any active moves.

We do not know who actually injured the police, nor would we tell if we did. It is not fitting for anarchists to snitch on people and help the coppers, and shame be on those who do that. Besides, even if the person who inflicted the injuries is found, Levkin’s fate will not be made any easier. The case includes five carbon-copied statements by police officers who “saw” that Levkin inflicted the blows. Neither the prosecutor nor the court can allow to admit that they police are lying. Two people would end up in the dock in this case.

St Petersburg Anarchist Black Cross states that the authorities are committing yet another crime by trying to imprison an absolutely innocent man. The trial may end before the end of the year. Levkin faces a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. Next court session is scheduled to 2 p.m. on November 26, at St Petersburg’s Leninskiy District Court (13-ya Krasnoarmeyskaya street, 17B).

If you are able to, you may donate via ABC Moscow, guidelines are available here. Please specify if you are donating to Denis Levkin directly.


The following is taken directly from the Reclaim Turtle Island website:

 Regional Correctional Centre in so-called New Brunswick has just placed Germain “Junior” Breau, 22, into solitary confinement. This is part of the ongoing mistreatment of Indigenous peoples inside of the Prison Injustice System, and a slap in the face to Land Defenders and Warriors standing up for the peoples against fracking. Germain was arrested on the violent raid by RCMP on Oct. 17th, has been held in detention without trial ever since. The RCMP continues to enforce the violation of treaties and the colonial courts continue to abuse the Indigenous peoples of these territories who defend the water and the land. Contact the Superintendent Jonah Brian to demand Germain’s release from solitary.

“ Our warriors are still being mistreated in the system, JUSTICE for our political prisoners of war.” Suzanne Patles, member of the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society

CALL SUPERINTENDENT JONAH BRIAN – Demand Germaine Jr Breau is released from solitary confinement! (506) 532-7885

Also contact:

New Brunswick Premier, David Alward: 506 453 2144


  • Mi’kmaq Warrior Germain Jr Breau released from solitary confinement
  • Mi’kmaq inherent and treaty rights and title be respected by the Province
  • A complete moratorium on shale gas exploration

Federal Minister of Justice, Peter McKay: 613 992 6022


  • Germain “Junior” Breau, Mi’kmaq Warrior be released from solitary confinement
  • End the use of solitary confinement in Correctional facilities

End systemic discrimination against Indigenous peoples in the Prison Injustice System

Support Legal Fees

Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond Sentenced to 10 years


On Friday, Anonymous hacktivist Jeremy Hammond was sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison. In an unrepentant statement to the courts, he blasts the FBI and their handlers for their own illegal operations. Read the full statement on 325


For more information on Jeremy and his case, check out his support page.

G20: Two comrades sentenced to six months in prison at Montreal courthouse

6 weeks late, but here’s a G20 update from from Sabotage Media:

Montreal, October 4, 2013 – Today at the Montreal courthouse, Guillaume Constantineau and Yuri Couture, two comrades from St. Jerome (near Montreal) pleaded guilty to three charges relating to their participation in the historical mobilizations against the G20 summit in Toronto, the 25, 26 and 27 June 2010. Both will serve six months of imprisonment, starting today, in a provincial jail in the Montreal area (Bordeaux).

Under an agreement reached at the end of plea negotiations between defendants and prosecutors in Toronto, the case of the two accused was transferred to Quebec, sentenced today in Montreal by judge Marc David, and will be served in Quebec. It is also agreed that no period of probation will be imposed following the imprisonment.

In addition, in exchange for a guilty plea on three counts (assault with a weapon on a police officer, possession of a weapon and mischief over $5000 ), the Crown agreed to drop all other charges filed against Yuri and Guillaume (four counts each).

to write to them (address may change):

Guillaume Constantineau
No. PAV078829-13, Aile GG2 DODO
Centre de détention Montréal – Bordeaux
800, boul. Gouin Ouest
Montréal, QC H3L 1K7

Youri Couture
No. DRM510047-10, Aile GG2 DODO
Centre de détention Montréal – Bordeaux
800, boul. Gouin Ouest
Montréal, QC H3L 1K7