URGENT: Political Prisoner Oso Blanco needs our help now!

Oso Blanco (Byron Shane Chubbuck) has been thrown in the hole on trumped up charges of possessing and “escape tool”, which was in reality a drawing of a prison and a fenced in burial mound he thought he saw upon his arrival. In a call to a friend, he stated that he had been trying to establish where various Cherokee memorials/battlefields/landmarks/burial mounds are in relation to his current location – Lee USP.

He now fears that he’ll be transferred to one of the notorious Special Management Units, where has already served plenty of time. This will mean mostly solitary confinement and severe restrictions to phone, commissary and visitation rights.

He’s urging everyone to phone or e-mail the Institution to let them know of your displeasure so they know he has supporters paying attention on the outside. Writing him can also help get the point across. The contact info (be sure to reference his name and prisoner #, posted below):

Phone: 276-546-0150 Fax: 276-546-9115

Byron Chubbuck #07909051
P.O. BOX 305

The full message from his friend can be found here

and the ABC-F page as some history on why Oso Blanco’s in there in the first place


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