Solidarity week coming up for the 5 Anarchists arrested in Barcelona


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Parole board eases restrictions for convicted Ottawa RBC firebomber


Roger Clement was released from prison in March after serving two years and three months of a three-and-a-half year sentence for firebombing the RBC branch in Ottawa in 2010, can again associate with anarchists after the parole board loosened his release conditions to protect his rights to free speech and association.

The Correctional Service of Canada wanted the parole board to ban him from associating with other self-described anarchists or marching in protests, but the parole board refused. However, the Nov. 26 parole board ruling bans him from associating with his accomplices in the firebombing.

Clement was denied parole in 2012 after he refused to reveal the identities of his masked accomplices in the attack that they filmed and posted online, immediately going viral across Canada and the world. Instead, he opted to take the fall alone, and his two suspected accomplices who were charged with arson were released because there wasn’t a reasonable prospect of conviction. In the video they stated that they firebombed the branch because of RBC’s connections to the Alberta oilsands and Vancouver Olympics.

These are excerpts from last week’s article by the Ottawa Citizen. Full article here.