Support Alabama Prisoners on Work Strike


Anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble recently sent out a letter calling for outside support for the prison strike happening at Holman Prison in Alabama. Prisoners are mainly striking for better living conditions, citing crumbling infrastructure, cold winter conditions, inadequate access to medical care, nutritious food & gym time, and harassment of family members during visitations.

He states in his letter  “We expect retaliation, possibly including beatings of prisoners who are labeled as agitators.” 


We ask that you make phone calls to the Warden, the commissioner of the Alabama Department of Correction, and the Governor of Alabama, to check on the situation, our condition, demands, and welfare. Or write him a letter of support at the address below.

Please call:

Warden Gary Hetzel (Holman Prison): (251) 368-8173

Commissioner Kim Thomas (Alabama DOC) (334) 353-3870

Governor Robert J. Bentley: (334) 242-7100


Michael Kimble
#138017 / B-107
3700 Holman Unit
Atmore, AL 36503


Full letter from Michael here:


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