“Free Alabama Movement” – Statement from IWW’s Incarcerated Workers Org. Committee

We in the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) have been approached by a
group of hundreds of people currently incarcerated in Alabama who are
launching a nonviolent prison strike beginning this Sunday April 20th to
demand an end to slave labor, the massive overcrowding and horrifying
health and human rights violations found in Alabama Prisons, and the
passage of legislation they have drafted.

This is the second peaceful and nonviolent protest initiated by the brave
men and women of the Free Alabama Movement (F.A.M.) this year building on
the recent Hunger Strikes in Pelican Bay and the Georgia Prison Strike in
2010. They aim to build a mass movement inside and outside of prisons to
earn their freedom, and end the racist, capitalist system of mass
incarceration called The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and others.
The Free Alabama Movement is waging a non-violent and peaceful protest for
their civil, economic, and human rights.

The conditions in Alabama prisons are horrendous, packing twice as many
people as the 16,000 that can be housed "humanely", with everything from
black mold, brown water, cancer causing foods, insect infestations, and
general disrepair. They are also run by free, slave labor, with 10,000
incarcerated people working to maintain the prisons daily, adding up to
$600,000 dollars a day, or $219,000,000 a year of slave labor if inmates
were paid federal minimum wage, with tens of thousands more receiving
pennies a day making products for the state or private corporations.

In response, the Free Alabama Movement is pushing a comprehensive "Freedom
Bill" (Alabama's Education, Rehabilitation, and Re-entry Preparedness
Bill) designed to end these horrors and create a much reduced correctional
system actually intended to achieve rehabilitation and a secure, just,
anti-racist society.

While unique in some ways, the struggle of these brave human beings is the
same as the millions of black, brown, and working class men, women, and
youth struggling to survive a system they are not meant to succeed within.
We advance their struggle by building our own, and working together for an
end to this "system that crushes people and penalizes them for not being
able to stand the weight".

The Free Alabama Movement is partnering with the IWW's Incarcerated
Workers Organizing Committee to ask you to:

Create a Incarcerated Workers Solidarity Committee in your area to raise
money, take action, and spread the word of this struggle, including to
local prisons.
Amplify the voices of incarcerated workers by posting this and future
updates to your website, facebook, email lists, and so on
Join our email list so as to be kept up to date and amplify future
updates. Contact us at iwoc@riseup.net and like us on facebook:
Donate money to the Free Alabama Movement & Incarcerated Workers
Organizing Cmt:
Join the IWW Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee
Contact us at iwoc@riseup.net. Solidarity and be in touch!



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