325 is an international anarchist news page.


4strugglemag is a joint project between anti-imperialist political prisoner, Jaan Laaman, and organizers with the Toronto Anarchist Black Cross. We publish writing by political prisoners, prisoners of war, and their friends and family.

We publish 3 issues a year. Our readers can access all our content online, or subscribe to receive paper copies at home.  Prisoner subscribers receive free print copies in the mail. If you read us online, please consider making a donation to help us continue to provide free prisoner subscriptions.

Abolishing Borders From Below

“AbolishingBB” is a bi-monthly magazine with information on different political and cultural processes and activities in Eastern Europe seen, commented on and analysised from an anarchist perspective.


ACAB News is a periodical newsletter published by Guelph ABC.

Anarchist News

The goal of is to provide a non-sectarian source for news about and of concern to anarchists. It is also to provide a location for discussion about such news.

Black Mask

Black Mask is an anarchist radio show that has been broadcast since 1999.  This site archives the segments and headlines we’ve broadcast since 2009.

Break the Chains

Break the Chains is a news and discussion forum for supporters of political prisoners, prisoners of war, politicized social prisoners, and victims of police and state intimidation.

This blog is organized and updated autonomously of the disbanded Break the Chains Prisoner Support Network formerly based in Eugene, Oregon. While this online project shares several of the same concerns as the old Break the Chains collective, no formal organization exists behind the current web presence.

Fire to the Prisons

Fire to the Prisons is an insurrectionary anarchist quarterly magazine distributed across the world. With every issue, we provide across the web, a free pdf link of the new issue, for people that can’t afford to purchase copies, or more importantly, for people to re-print and re-distribute the issue in their parts of the world, and for the benefit of their projects and comrades in need of legal funds. If you do intend to print this in your area, it is good for us to know, not only making us happy with an awareness of its distribution, but also helps us to know where to try and distribute them ourselves. If you feel like telling us where your distributing them please also contact us via email. Fire to the Prisons hopes to contribute to a consistent awareness of repression faced by anarchists, native struggles, animal and ecological movements, and general repression conducted to discontent individuals. We report on riotous and insurrectionary activity across the world, with the intention to connect a common contempt for constraint, and a common desire for liberation. We also hope to use this as a bias forum for critique and analysis when confronting domination in all its forms.

Infoshop News is an online resource of news, opinion and information.

IWW General Defense Committee

The aims of the General Defense Committee shall be to provide defense and relief to members of the working class who are being persecuted for their activity in the class struggle.

IWW International Solidarity Commission

The Industrial Workers of the World recognizes that solidarity is key to labor struggles in one’s home community, country, region and the world.

The concentration of capitalist ownership in the hands of fewer and fewer owners strengthens their hand not only in contract negotiations but in how the world works.

For this reason, the Industrial Workers of the World formed the International Solidarity Commission to help the union build the worker-to-worker solidarity that can lead to effective action against the bosses of the world

Prisoner Correspondence Project

The Prisoner Correspondence Project is a collectively-run initiative based out of Montreal, Quebec. It coordinates a direct-correspondence program for gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgender, gendervariant, two-spirit, intersex, bisexual and queer inmates in Canada and the United States, linking these inmates with people a part of these same communities outside of prison. In addition, it coordinates a resource library of information regarding harm reduction practice (safer sex, safer drug-use, clean needle care), HIV and HEPC prevention, homophobia, transphobia, coming out, etc. The project also aims to make prisoner justice and prisoner solidarity a priority within queer movements on the outside through events like film screenings, workshops, and panel discussions which touch on the broader issues relating to criminalization and incarceration of queers and transfolk.

The Prisoner Correspondence Project is a working group of the Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at Concordia University. We ❤ our PIRG.

Superprisons in Canada

This pamphlet was written in Kingston Ontario, the city with the largest concentration of prisons in Canada, and our hometown. We wrote it to bring people up to speed with what we see as a dangerous agenda at work within the federal government with respect to the Canadian prison system. At this very moment, the federal Conservative Party, their various corporate partners, and their provincial proxy-parties are pushing hard for a major expansion of the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC). This is the term we use to refer to the interest groups, businesses, and government institutions that rely on locking people up to increase their bottom line. While private contractors are a major aspect of the PIC – one we’ll delve into later in this pamphlet – this issue is about more than privatization. It’s about an ideology of “Law and Order” driven by fear, racism, and moral panic. It’s about the extent to which the logic of prison is being extended into society generally, through increased surveillance and heavier-handed policing in the name of “public safety.” And it’s about our town, Kingston, Ontario, where the first Canadian prison was ever built, and what it means to be a city that experiences economic booms when more people are being put in prison.

This pamphlet touches on a few specific issues relating to the ongoing Conservative revolution in prisons and policing, and tries to strategically show a few points of intervention for people who want to resist this expansion. Most of our research has focused on the internal plan to construct new super-prisons, but related issues such as the closing of the prison farms, the backdoor privatization of the prison system, and the introduction of draconian amendments to the Criminal Code are all elements of the Conservative transformation in its vulnerable and weak introductory phase, which could be resisted simultaneously in order to disrupt this current process. The strong link between the ousted Mike Harris regime in Ontario, and the key players in the Corrections transformation sheds light on what we might expect in the next year. Drawing on the experiences of the anti-Harris movement could provide insight into effective tactics and strategies with which to resist and ultimately defeat the current government and any future governments determined to implement such policies.

Get in touch with us at epic (at)


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